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    You can t sue anyone. Just keep looking for a better job. If you have a common major then you have to have something that sets you apart from everyone else. If you need a masters degree or PhD to do it then that is what you have to do.

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    They are targeted Agents of the FBI and crook analysts. Seldom do the truly analysts ever cross to the area, as their task is to do a mental profile to support area retailers and police monitor down a crook. Unabomber Ted Kazinsky was once a ultimate illustration of thi/er task, When his brother tipped the FBI to his brother s writing sort, he was once discovered to check the FBI profile in each certain. Even with out the top, they could have stuck him finally.

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    If you go into the AF as security forces, you will automatically start working on a CCAF (Community College of the Air Force) associates in either criminal justice or security administration (your choice). Basic, tech school, CDCs, and PME all count as credits. You would need to take CLEP tests (free) and/or do other classes on your own at a local college to finish out the rest of the requirements for the degree. If you want to work on a bachelors, you would need to enroll in a local college or online school (the base ed center can help you out with that) and do their program. In four years, you would probably not have enough time to get a bachelors done, but you might have enough time for a CCAF. Some people can t manage a bachelors in four years going to school full time, you are not going to do it while working full time for the Air Force, especially with security forces opstempo (your squadron probably won t even let you start taking classes until you get your 5 level CDCs done).