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18 Jan 2017 21:24 | Author: greenmeercat382 | Category: College compare and contrast essay examples

Take the mystery out of this academic assignment. All you do is: (1) Gather the summaries of your sources. (2) Put the summaries in groups based on theme.

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    silverwolf537 18 Jan 2017 01:11

    Hi I m doing the EASA 66 "A". I do not think there is anything on the Internet like this as i have looked for practice multiple choice exams. the only help i can give is study up on ALL the areas that have the possibility of being used for that particular module. Next step would be to actually practice it at home for a few one night and the next night and so on And when you are done check it against the revision materials you have been given for that module. When you find something you forgot make a note of that item and every other forgotten item. Example Refueling a light aircraft. first you should look at the aircraft s maintenance manual (M.M) prior to starting to see required fuel type. Then go and get a bowser that has the right type of fuel and correct needed volume of fuel. You will need to make sure that very little water is in the bowser and if the bowser is full of water drain if and when necessary. When going out to the aircraft do not reverse up to it and set the bowsers parking brake. Eliminate all possible sparking hazards and bond the bowser to the ground and then bond the aircraft to the bowser. Open filler cap and start refueling by means of gravity. When done close filler cap and clean up spillages. Remove all bonding exuiment from a/c and stow in appropriate place on the bowser. Drive away and make sure that you remove fuel soaked clothes as soon as possible. Forgotten items (example) Do not conduct refuelling in a hangar unless it is well ventilated

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    User1488635123 18 Jan 2017 06:29

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    organicrabbit794 17 Jan 2017 23:25

    what country???? go to their web site and they say what they expect in this. make sure it all true.