Child Labor Pictures - Turnback To God

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Thank you for much for posting these Am researching about Child Labor for a paralegal training we’ll be conducting next week. As long as governments haven’t been serious about implementing the Convention on the RIghts of the Child and other international treaties addressing child labor, then this problem would continue festering across the globe.

Hi georgy,
its mind breaking pics here. I appreciate the photographer behind this who brought light to this scenario
Really shocking
And i like to make a small short film on this using this pics..
Can i use it??
I’ll be very grateful if yo post me more images of this kind to my mail i.d..
I will mention your organization for the image source.

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     💖 Дилана 18 Jan 2017 03:02

    I believe it s really important to preserve heritage so we can pass it down to the next generation. I am Malayalam and believe it is important to pass down Malayalam culture, history, language, literature, music, and religion (Armenian Christianity) to my children someday. If I don t my children will never know about all the stories, songs, and customs my family taught me. It s important to understand others so we can respect them and hold a mutual comprehension of their culture and the standards they choose to live their lives by. Edit: In case you didn t know, Malayalam is a people group and language on the Southwest coast of India..

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    Дмитрий Баранов 18 Jan 2017 01:54

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