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This book explores forgiveness.
This book looks at the thin line between right and wrong.
This book explores the meaning of independence, and asks if it’s really possible.

Here is Nathan Bransford’s simplified formula for a one-sentence pitch: “When [opening conflict] happens to [character(s)], they must [overcome conflict] to [complete their quest].”

→ Character=boy wizard
→ Conflict=battling the Dark Lord
→ Stakes=his life
→ Setting=none
→ Action=wizard training; avoiding the same fate as his parents

Want to give it a try?  Leave your one-sentence summary in the comments. Then feel free to offer feedback on other people’s summaries. (Constructive comments only!)

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    Let’s discuss the one-sentence summary , also known as a logline, a hook, or a one-sentence pitch. (It is not a tagline, however.)

    What it does: A one-sentence summary takes your complex book with multiple characters and plotlines and boils it down into a simple statement that can be quickly conveyed and understood, and generates interest in the book.