what is the origin of the phrase "to kill two birds with one stone"?

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TITLE. SIZE. AUTHOR. QUOTE. "On Love" 5K Bacon "It is impossible to love, and be wise. Love is a child of folly..

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    Stay calm and just hold it simple in little blocks of language as follows: 1. Je regarde la télé / tous les jours/ avec ma soeur. (I watch tv / day-to-day/ with my sister). 2. J aime/ les dessins animés/ parce qu ils sont amusants. (i admire/ cartoons/ on the grounds that they are humorous). Now you ll discover that you simply might alternate or add to the little blocks rather effortlessly - e.G. 2. J adore/ les jeux/ parce qu ils sont passionnants. OR: 1. Je regarde la télé/ le samedi soir/ avec mon frère. Adequate? Good luck!