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Well known essayist, programmer, language designer, co-founded Viaweb, invented Bayesian spam filters (basis of modern filters): many essays, books (On Lisp, ANSI.

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    Emily Ferguson Murphy (1868-1933) Social activist, author http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/women/002026-305-e.html The Famous Five - Emily Murphy http://www.abheritage.ca/famous5/achievements/emily_murphy.html Emily Murphy Born: March 14,1868 Died: October 17, 1933 Place of Birth: Cookstown, Ontario Major Notes: http://www.deena.ca/murphy_emily.html Emily Murphy Emily Murphy and her companions asked the Supreme Court of Canada to answer the question, "Does the word person in Section 24 of the British North America Act include female persons?" On April 24, 1928, the Supreme Court declared that the word "person" did not include female persons. The five women took the "Persons Case" all the way to the Judicial Committee of the British Privy Council in London, England, which was Canada s highest level of appeals. http://www.ucfv.ca/aded/encyclopedia/Biographies/EmilyMurphy.htm

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    I d love to help, but I m not sure which poems you are reading. I think she s America s greatest poet. lol. If I could write Yahoo Questions the way that she wrote verse, I d be happy. Hey, come to think of it, I m going to try to ask a question based on "Chartless". I hope this works out.