One day without water. How would that day be like.?

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    Narrative Essay On Happiest Day Of My Life. TRAVELED 30 KM. SHE DROVE 16 KM IN 20 MIN, WALKED 4 KM IN 1 H, THEN RODE A BUS THAT TRAVELED 10 KM IN 10 MIN.

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    bluekoala626 18 Jan 2017 06:05

    To put it in frankly, your have what it takes, the smarts and the wisdom. Yet, I wonder if that will be enough., I wanted to critic your other essay as well but that was already closed. Brown can be an easy school to be accepted into, I would know. I just didn t feel as if you are speaking your mind. Remember this is Brown, not Harvard or Yale. Many times you try to impress with your intellect and excellent composure of writing, as many do. I have learned, its something of integrity, pure heart. Not grades and high tests scores. If you truly want to attend Brown, than the board will need more of your feeling than your writing. The old man you stated was at the hospital, assuming this was non-fictional. Your tears are a major role, they show you have a heart, but if that was the first time in a long time that haven t cried and it took a old dying man to make you cry, tell the board the main reason of this. Your essay,your feelings, your acceptance letter. The old women that was dying,you hadn t cried for her, just curious, but why didn t you shead any tears? This will contradict what you are trying to point out. Which brings me to my next question, to try and find out why you didn t, other than family, have you ever cried about/for anyone lately? Many times you find feelings locked up that never are seen or spoke even in your own mind, and its those feelings that broke that barrier to have you cry for an old dying man reaching out for your help. Once you have answered that, use it, tell the board, it will be eaten up and a major plus in the end. To the sun, humor and no sense of politics. Im not saying to go marching or protest. Just give the board an idea were you stand, I have to say that you really put alot of effort into your work. It reminds me of me when I was young, full of life and spirit to do anything. I had wished to send you an email but your contact info will not allow me, if you would like my advise or help with explaining of my gibberish, My name is Mr. Ortiz and I work in the library here at Brown. Part time but it pays the bills. It was odd, my friends kept telling me of these online bolgs and told me some of them were educational. The odds of me typing Brown University in the search bar and your questions being there. If don t hear from you again mam/sir than I hope the best for you, and if u do come by Brown, Ill be in the library come by, me and books have a common law marriage :) stupid joke i know. gilbertortiz14@yahoo.com

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    write it from ur heart hahahahahahhaha

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    We almost never have good weather in the northeast But yes it is rainier than normal the past 5 or 10 years. There is high pressure system in the north Atlantic that has formed recently and it is blocking many of the frontal systems, so many of them stall here causing lots of rain