Is "Be Yourself: Be Courageous" a proper title for an MLA college essay?

18 Jan 2017 21:24 | Author: blacklion674 | Category: Free sample essay child abuse

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    User1488079674 17 Jan 2017 22:23

    good question. from the question, it appears that what you are supposed to do is jump into the questions without first taking up a page of summary of the article. you will have to include bits of summary, though, to support your answer (also paraphrasing or direct quotes). but this should be included in your answers, and a summary should not preface the answers. for example, for the first question, you would say something like "the article yahoo answers demonstrates the importance of the sharing of knowledge between persons. like in class, the article points out the importance of international contact through the medium of the internet, and i learned that everyone becomes smarter when we strive to learn. on page two, the author writes, quote and says that [analysis of the quote]. i believe this is true because." anyway, it will just be something like that. but since the professor hasn t read the article, you have to make sure the professor knows what you re talking about without going overboard on a summary of the article. and yes, first person is the way to go on this one since it is specifically about you. it s also good that you contacted the instructor. ALWAYS continue to do that when you are unsure about an assignment. good luck!

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    User1490386460 18 Jan 2017 02:11

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