my 20 years from now essay?

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Our History. In 1998 Heroes & Cool Kids started in just three school districts – Glen Rock, Perth Amboy and Monmouth New Jersey. To date, twenty eight hundred high.

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    The reason why you focused on Japan to travel on outside your own country. Culture, Tradition, ethnic background, geographic location, climate, topography, language, religion, history, food, sub-culture, music, movie, Imperialism and aggression to main land China as colonialism, Emperor s royalty since about 2000 yrs ago, Industrial redevelopment after defeat/ruin on WWⅡ, longevity, quality control, technology, conglomerate, global trade, Political system, Security mutual Treaty between USA and Japan, education, medical insurance, pension system, declining birthrate and aging society, unenthusiastic Immigration, suicide, Westernization, stagnation after bubble prosperity, over-working, bureaucratic paradise, politicians deceit. NOT so particular ones all in the world though.

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    First off, you should know that Juilliard is a contemporary focus school and not ballet although there are classes in both ballet and modern dance. Dancers who study at this school look for a career in contemporary dance with a major contemporary dance company and not the ballet. As ballet dancers start their careers right out of high school, contemporary dancers start after college/conservatory training. In order to get into NYCB, you MUST attend the School of American Ballet. There are no auditions for NYCB and students (5-10 each year) are asked to apprentice with the company and then join as corps de ballet about 6 months later. The only acception would be if Peter Martins (current AD of NYCB) invites an established dancer to join NYCB from another company. You should also know that students who study at SAB are screened for body, facility and musicality or they cannot study there. They are often home schooled or take their academics as arranged by the academy and attend schools like PPAS for academics. They do this so they can take 20-30 hours of ballet technique classes a week year round and graduate high school early to dance in the ballet. Training is expected to be complete by age 16 when you would be asked to apprentice with NYCB if you were lucky. So, while this is not about how to write this, it should give you an idea that what you are writing is not a possible scenario based on incorrect information you have about both Juilliard and NYCB. * If you want to know what a typical day is like for a professional ballet dancer, I answered this for someone else some months back. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AhY2SgGuRR96XvH_UfcISXwjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20111108194256AAbWubh

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    First, you always have time to do more classes and activities to add to your resume, so you can study one more semester before you apply. That said, these schools will take into consideration your background. You will be considered a minority and try to apply on these basis. Use a counselor to help you through your application process. Don t put the negative thoughts in front of yourself. I believe you can always go back and take the SAT again. Think positive and make sure that you include in your essay how it was different for you to move to the US and how you got over all these difficulties and knew that you will go to a good school where they will help you develop even better skills to be a successful women. Use some help from a counselor who will help you highlight how you are different from the other students. Best of luck,