Who can tell me how to write essay about Hughes Langston's Salvation irony?

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    Langston Hughes (February a million, 1902 – would 22, 1967) became an American poet, novelist, playwright, and newspaper columnist. he s right commonly used for his artwork throughout the Harlem Renaissance.

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    you can start with one of his famous quotes and then you can start talking about his work as a poet and his biography hope this helps!

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    ...all moans...cries and sang.. allows us to hear the sounds. dire...hell gives us an image; as does the safe fold and the one little lamb outside. He also creates a feeling of safety with the 99 in the fold huddled together for warmth.The one little lamb out in the cold is a visual and temperature contrast. He has also used his rhythmic control over his wording and introduced some rhyming. Altogether, an effective piece of writing.