I need good ideas for writing an essay on technology?

18 Jan 2017 21:24 | Author: beautifulbutterfly923 | Category: Pizza business plan software

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  1. author
    purplegorilla881 18 Jan 2017 03:41

    I wouldn t suggest citing fictional sources for an argumentative essay. You should look for real-life studies conducted which help support your point. Stories add no credibility and make your essay sound biased. Unless of course, you ve been specifically told to cite literary fiction, in which case, by all means, go ahead. There should be plenty of online sources (Sparknotes, etc.) which provide in-depth analysis of how Faust and 1984 portray technology negatively Also, rather than blindly copy-pasting other people s opinions, I would suggest you formulate your own opinion. You need not necessarily be against the advent of technology, but you should be able to view the issue objectively from both sides. You could say that while technology increases our efficiency and makes everything faster/better/more accurate, it also reduces the need for manual labour, thus limiting the job market, and causing unemployment rates to rise. This causes a ripple effect on the economy, and instead of strengthening it, it can make it worse. It has also decreased our independance, and that of our future generations. So in a couple of decades, if there s an natural disaster and technology becomes unusable, our descendants will be incapable of dealing with the situation because of our reliance on technology. Those are just a few points, but I suggest you do your own research so you ll be able to write a more passionate and convincing essay. It always sounds better if you mean what you say.

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    К а т е н ь к а  🐣 💞 18 Jan 2017 03:45

    do you have to do one of those topics?

  3. author
    beautifulfrog520 18 Jan 2017 00:54

    You could really do both. One example of it hindering North American Society is the fact that with the use of text messages, email, phones, and any other communication source that there is not human interaction anymore. So socially we have declined. Yes we talk more but the human confrontation could be limited to zero if it is needed. Another point would be is that we as humans are getting lazy. We have work that was once does by humans and we robots doing them. Another way you can go is talking about how it enhances North American Society. Now yes socially we have not been talking much in person but people are talking. You can talk to someone in Florida while we are in Seattle. Your three sub topics could be anything from we have become more socially advanced to us learning more efficient ways to power the earth with green vehicles and green homes. This is technology too and these advances are better for us and the environment. You really can take this any way you like. I would just sit down and write the 3 biggest enhances and the 3 biggest downers of technology on North America. Then pick which one you can support best. Good Luck.

  4. author
    brownswan464 17 Jan 2017 21:59