Introduction for autobiography help!?

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At some point in your education or your career you will be required to make a presentation about yourself or to write an autobiography as an assignment. Some people will welcome the opportunity to share their own personal experiences, while others will dread it.

Humans are funny: whatever we grow up with, whatever is our normal, that s what we think defines normal. But that s so untrue! People who grow up near the beach think it s normal to see dolphins every day, but people who grow up without ever seeing a real beach? They will think that sounds fascinating. Your life is not boring to other people!

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    yellowmouse915 18 Jan 2017 01:13

    You don t say what year of school. But this should give you an idea for any year. My son s high school advisor had the students do this resume in 8th at his private K - 8 so his teachers could write good recommendations to private high schools. It is done in simple resume form, you can find that online. You may want to add in personal info, although be sure that s the direction they mean for you to go. Since this was for entrance into 9th grade, they did a junior high resume, maybe back to 6th or 5th for something extraordinary. If you re doing this in college, go back a few years, or earlier if there is something remarkable. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090310171457AAExdTR Good luck!

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    Day 1. Step 1: Remind students that an autobiography contains information about one's own life written by that one person. Remind students of the various.

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    greenrabbit423 18 Jan 2017 04:56

    The first piece of advice I'd like to give you is to remember the difference between "know" and "no." You have "no" idea what to write. Okay. As far as the autobiography, just start with the basics. Your teacher wants to know about you. Where are you from? What are your hobbies, hopes, interests? A good start would be: I am a _____person who loves to _____. I was born in _____ on_____to a family that now includes ___children, ___parents, and ___dogs (cats, birds, snakes, whatever). I have always been told that I will become a great ___ some day, but my dream is to be a ___. Start with that and keep going.