How to Reduce Stress (with Stress Relief Techniques.

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    Line 1. ".that the telephone has more influence on our society than TV has." Lin 4-5. ".Unlike the telephone, which merely enabled instantaneous person-to-person communication, TV can expose people to different belief systems, customs,." Line 7. ".to new aspects of life." Line 10. ".The reason was that the documentary." Line 11. ".regions of Korea." Update. Line 1. ".own cultures, as well as a narrow mind." Line 3-4. ".people use the telephone, they can take only slight comfort from sharing their worries." Update 2. Line 1. "This is because much of the content of TV programs, such as live sport,.allows them." Line 4. ".Game of Thrones, (one of the most.in the world), on my." Update 4. Line 1. ".believe that television has more influence on our society than the telephone has." Line 4. ".live a stress-free life." [Yes, it makes sense, and the study and your reasons are supporting your statement properly. It is not off-topic, and your essay s structure is good.]

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    Invited essay A cognitive model of posttraumatic stress disorder Anke Ehlers*, David M. Clark Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford, Warneford Hospital.

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    through (not trough in line 4) priest should be priests, 4 lines up from the bottom