I Need help on an argumentative essay against Welfare?

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    beautifulladybug590 18 Jan 2017 05:01

    After going over this, I just utilized the service spoken of by the NJ State Trooper on here. I come from a very strict Jewish family, and I have been dating a non-Jewish girl for some time now.. A girl who my parents do not approve of. They think there is something very wrong about her. They believe she has a shady past, like she is violent or into drugs or something. To prove them wrong, I decided to run that background check on here from http://www.echeck.pcti-system.com.. I came across many interesting things.. many of which I won t get into. The report was VERY thorough. What I did find, which turned out to be a deal breaker, was FOUR TRO s(temporary restraining orders) 2 were dismissed, the other 2 were finalized into a final restraining order(lifetime restraining order). The ones that were finalized were as a result of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and the other for STALKING. I was shocked when I saw this. I guess sometimes you can never really know who you might be dealing with!

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    purplefish492 18 Jan 2017 07:03

    How long have you been clean? One day? One year? don t know what area of the country that you live in, but if you live near one of the larger cities and have insurance, do the suboxone treatment. it s pain free withdrawal. Look in the yellow pages for physicians; If you don t have insurance, go to a ten step meeting. And keep going back. You might meet some worthwhile people there that you can associate with. DO Not hang around people who are using! Going to NA, or any support group is worth it s weight in gold. These people know where you coming from. DO Not hang around those who are there because it s court ordered. I had a patient a few yrs. ago (70 yrs) who was on hydrocodone. Like 4-5 doctors a week. He could afford it for about a yr before he went thru $50,00. I put him on the Suboxone program about 5 yrs. ago and it was very sucessful. Remember, the physical addiction is over in 2-3 days. It s the psychological addiction that is so hard to break. Good luck and let me know how you are doing. it s a very courageous thing to finally come to terms with it Get going. It s never too late s

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    lazywolf238 18 Jan 2017 03:33

    the sad thing about addiction is that family and loved ones have to stand by & wonder how the addict ever got so irrational, selfish and stupidly blind,. make her children your priority, they need you! i suggest you look into alanon or naranon for yourself, narcotics anonymous can help her if she wants help. you may find yourself considering some "TOUGH LOVE" techniques in the future, (as long as you support her she may not hit bottom). a hard line would be to tell her she needs to go into rehab or she simply will not have a place in your home! if she is truly tired of feeling like dirt-then she may be willing to try N.A. or a recovery home. she sounds hopeless-give her hope, let her know that people beat drugs all the time but they have to work at it. over 50% of my contacts on Y/A are sober drunks and clean addicts! this is a dark time for you, i will pray for her-with you & keep her in mind when at my next na/aa meeting. na meetings can be found at na.org the meetings are filled with addicts that are free from active addiction/that is one place she can find hope!