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    Here you are: Links for writing a scientific paper http://www.liu.edu/cwis/cwp/library/workshop/citation.htm The APA Wizard is designed to help you create an APA (5th ed.) citation. It will take you through the steps for the most common types of cited works providing you with assistance on how to input specific information. As long as you enter the information correctly, the Wizard will result in a correct APA citation. http://www.stylewizard.com/ http://citationmachine.net/index.php?callstyle=2&all= http://www.apa.org/ http://www.liu.edu/CWIS/CWP/library/workshop/citapa.htm http://www.psywww.com/resource/APA%20Research%20Style%20Crib%20Sheet.htm#Pages http://www.apastyle.org/elecref.html http://www.apastyle.org/previoustips.html http://www.indiana.edu/%7elibugls/Publications/APA.html http://www.apastyle.org/elecref.html http://www.aug.edu/writing_center/docs/apachecklist.htm

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    How to Write an APA Style Paper. The American Psychological Association's (APA) method of citation is one of the most widely used styles for writing scientific and.