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    Yes, talking about your mom and the situation is a good idea. A personal statement usually includes the following. You need a good attention grabber. In general you want your essay to follow this order: Paragraph 1-2 attention grabber. Think of an experience in your life that really showcases who you are. Be detailed. Discuss something significant in your life. It could be anything. Or discuss why you want to be in your profession or what story inspired you to study what you are studying. Paragraph 3-4. Highlight your academics: GPA, classes. What skills you learned in class that will help in succeeding in college. Awards and honors that you have received. Sports or clubs that you are in. Paragraph 5. Jobs that you have had that relate to your major? Any other things about yourself that you want to include Paragraph 6: Conclusion. In this conclusion you may want to re-state your main qualifications. You can also include any of the following statements: My goal is.. I deserve this scholarship because.. I will edit it for you if you email it to me

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    I have a couple of suggestions. Add some wording to explain why you are bringing something valuable to the campus. You talk about what a great guy you are, but they are asking about the college as a community. You are self-reliant, goal-oriented, etc., but the prompt in the question is not about you. It s about what you can do for the school and your fellow students. You probably don t have to abandon the entire essay, but you can re-focus it with a few sentences. Add something about working with other people--helping others, working in teams on projects, learning from other kids, mixing with different social groups, whatever. It s okay to "blow your own horn," but not to the point of missing the question. Maybe you could say something about not being one of the so-called smart kids, but finding that your classes were better for having different kids in them. You need to keep the prompt in mind whenever you write an essay. Also, you have a run-on sentence: "I did not agree with my parent’s decision, so I decided to demonstrate that I was responsible enough to take care of a car, so I saved up enough money from my after school job to buy my own car and pay for insurance." Put a period after "take care of a car," and drop the second "so," starting the next sentence with "I saved up." Good luck!!

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    Play Return Man 2 and other versions of the game for free. Try to reach the end point and not to hit defenders. Score a touchdown to win the round and move next

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