what contributes most to on-the-job safety?

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    Assuming your claim runs smoothly, most likely it will be on your account Friday 8th January. Your claim is processed at a central location and local Job Centre staff are required to follow any instructions given to them in respect of your claim by the processing office. If there is any complication with your claim or your claim fails, it is not the fault of local staff. The decision has been made elsewhere

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    No matter what the job, there are certain skills all employers want. Making sure they are featured prominently on your resume.

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    Wait for the economy to improve.

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    If you are aged 16-24 and in the UK : the weekly rate is £50.95 There has been a rise as before in 2008 it was £48.00 Payments are made Weekly paid into your bank account and sometimes they can be late, but not always Payments start to come into your account after 3 weeks once your form has been processed The Job centre will provide you support in finding you a job for almost 6 months. It is better to get a part time job and also claim the allowance. Job centre will look at the working hours. In most cases you can claim the allowance and get a part time job. An example would be: If you worked for a one day in a week and were paid £53.00 then job centre will still continue to pay you the allowance. It depends on circumstances. If you are succesfull in finding a job you are paid a gift, cheque of £100.00 You can start the claim by Calling 0800 055 6688 (8.00 am - 6.00 pm Monday to Friday). or you can visit the local job centre plus in you area and they will give you a form to fill in and they can also help you to fill in the form Hope it helps mate and good luck