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Think of meter as a poem's underlying structure—the rhythm beneath the words in each line. Does the poem go daDUM daDUM daDUM? Does it go dadaDUM? How.

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    beautifulmeercat859 17 Jan 2017 23:19

    for an essay no. Your teacher will not take you seriously. In The lyrics you mentioned, you pretty much just repeated the quote in the description. There is no depth to it. Go to the library or archive.org and read real poetry. Sorry to be blunt but its the honest truth. In your teachers eyes, there is a big difference between poetry and marketing lyrics. Just being true.

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    Марк Аврикос 18 Jan 2017 06:09

    Importance Of Traffic Rules In Daily Life Essay. Home » Recreation » Tour & Travel » Question i want a essay on traffic rules Asked in Travel at 4:44 PM on.

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    Boom 18 Jan 2017 07:14

    An English romantic or an American modern? That s an odd choice. Does the assignment require you to choose between just those two? Neither one of these is what you d call difficult, so choose based on what you would like to write about. The Byron poem is an elaborate description of a woman s beauty. It has an interesting interplay between images of light and darkness. The Frost poem--a very, very popular one--has to do with the choices we make in life and why we make them. It has one of the most famous metaphors in all of modern poetry in its depiction of two diverging roads. The Frost piece also has a few problematic areas. Why is the speaker sighing from his vantage point in the future? Myself, I would select Frost to write about because it s (in my opinion) more substantial and interesting. But that s me :) Best wishes!

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    crazypeacock423 18 Jan 2017 04:54

    One problem I see right off the bat is you use "social studies" a lot, especially at the beginning of you sentences/paragraphs. Try switching it up a bit :). Also, take out some of the passive voice. Also, maybe lighten up on the corny "opening to a whole new world" and things like that, a little cliche.