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It was somewhere in my head since school days since there is a sense of awe associated with services specially in north india and if you are reasonably ok in studies everyone expects you to clear it. I had a vague appreciation and inclination but it was only during graduation final year that I finally decided to go for it due to multiplicity of reasons. Desire to do something worthwhile and big, sense of responsibility towards society ( I know it sounds cliched but it was so), happiness it would bring to my family and wellwishers to quote few.

Before Noida, I was at Rihand during the initial phase of my prep and believe me its one of THE remotest in India. You need to travel 220km to watch a movie 😛 it used to be an open air jail of the royalities. But digging info is no big deal in internet era. And most importantly,  one should be in touch with serious aspirants and share/discuss strategies,booklist etc. as much as possible. Travel to coaching hubs of Delhi once in a while if you feel too lagged behind. Even the chaiwala and paanwala will be able to give you strategies out there 😉

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    Iraq may still over-take Vietnam as America s biggest post-war disaster. Essentially in Vietnam the US used or tried to use a sledgehammer to crack a nut and blundered into what was a war for independence and a civil war being fought between two halves of anation. THe US though was in Cold War mode amd considered that the communist north was trying to take over the free south. US foreign policy in the late 50s/early 60s was being divided by two principles - the Truman containment doctrine which held that communism must not be allowed to spread and takeover new nations and the related domino theory which suggested that if one south east Asian nation were to fall to communism then inevitably so would the next and then the next after that. Accordingly the US put a lot of money and military aid behind the South Vietnamese regime of Diem, in so doing they supported a corrupt, inefficient and ineffective government and one moreover that was hated by many South Vietnamese people who demanded not just independence but land reform, all things that the catholic Diem failed to deliver and denied them. The US by allying themselves with Diem became by definition the enemy. The US failed to see the bigger picture and made a further strategic error, they considered as a global super-power that they coyuld crush the Vietcong and to be fair in straight fights they often inflicted heavy casualties. Therefater they escalated the war in the expectation that more men, more guns and more jets and helicopters would simply overwhelm the VC. The VC though cottoned pretty quickly and turned the war into a guerilla conflict limoting their gains to small successes - shooting down helicopters, laying IED traps and ambushes to inflict a few cuts here and there. By the time the US called up air support yhey had invariably broken off the contact amd melted away int the jungle. this led the the US to think thatthey were winning these battles which on paper they were - but that missed the point. So the US escalated the war convincing themselves that calling up more troops and spending more money would have a direct effect. Domestically the war was beginning by the mid-late 60s to become unpopular as the realisation began to sink in that it wasn t a quick war and the introduction of the draft was unpopular, especially when rich middle class types sought and obtained deferments while the poorer Americans who had no excuses had to fight. What turned domestic opinion was the Tet offensive in 1968 which demonstrated that despite the propaganda the VC was better organised and able to infiltrate the south at will. The realisation set in that this was not going to end soon. US involvement then was based around "peace with honour" a way of gisengaging without it looking like retreat and under Nixon this involved the bombing of Cambodia and Laos (and telling lies about it) to attack the Ho Chi Minh trail by which the the VC were infiltrating the south. After that the US persuaded the Vietnamese government in Saigon to take over more of the fighting which they were unable to do and they soon collapsed. On the way protesting students at Kent State were shot dead and the war derailed LBJ s welfare reforms causing even more discomfort.

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    There are each professionals and cons to utilizing a arguable piece. On the only hand (such as you mentioned) it suggests you re competent of larger stage pondering. It additionally suggests that you re inclined to suppose external the field and take dangers. It is much more likely to get spotted considering that it is going to stand out in comparison to different essays. Cons: Conservative faculties, even as claiming to be unbaised, would possibly suppose it somewhat an excessive amount of of a chance. It fairly is dependent upon how conservative the universities are. Maybe a well compromise could be to make use of 2 essays, one for the general public faculties and one for the conservative?

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    Totally nix it. To say it is a controversial topic is to be very generous. You will sound like more than a lunatic, you will come off as if you are even worse because in addition to writing about something like that, you also had the non-sense to think it would be a good idea to actually submit it for review as a determining factor of you being admitted into a college. Honestly, you might as well write about tripping on drugs. I realize they are not the same thing, but the scenarios, really are quite identical. It is not a matter of being appropriate, it is just a matter that most people will think negatively about you writing about that.