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Comments : Selecting subjects that matter to students is critical for this step. One might be to compare two models of cars and then write a letter to a benefactor who might buy them one. Another would be a store manager writing to a buyer about two products. Academic topics such as comparing two organisms, two wars, two approaches to solving a math problem may also be useful.

Comments : Guide students through their first essay providing help with an introduction and transition sentences. It is helpful to allow students to use a chart they have completed as a class or one that they have done independently and  that you have checked. Do not assume they understand the chart until they have done one correctly.

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    redswan461 18 Jan 2017 09:02

    I m going to 8th grade and it s not as bad as it may seen. First tip is to never just stop in the hallway and talk to friends because that is most people get late for school walk and talk to your friends. And if you can try to do your homework in school and then check it when you get home so then after school you have the rest of the day after school to do whatever

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    orangemeercat203 18 Jan 2017 03:48

    The comparative essay allows a writer to compare and contrast the features of two subjects (two people, two things, two places, two ideas, two results, etc.). Once the similarities and differences between the two subjects are researched and noted, the topic almost suggests itself, and the facts are at the writer’s fingertips. So the key to writing a compare and contrast essay is learning to do the research and organizing the information.

    Time4Writing’s free writing resources cover the different aspects of the compare and contrast essay. Designed to help students improve their writing skills, regardless of academic grade or proficiency level, Time4Writing’s 8-week courses provide more in-depth practice and one-on-one instruction by a certified teacher.

    This post about preparing for Common Core assessments offers new material developed by Sarah Tantillo, the author of Literacy and the Common Core: Recipes for Action (Jossey-Bass, 2014) and The Literacy Cookbook (Jossey-Bass, 2012). Be sure to browse her links to other PARCC Prep articles at the end of this post. And check out her website, The Literacy Cookbook , and her TLC Blog.

    In the PARCC literary analysis task, students must closely analyze two literary texts—often focusing on their themes or points of view—and compare and contrast these texts.

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    User1491077381 17 Jan 2017 22:55

    High school is not that difficult compared to middle school. Middle school should most definitely prepare you for high school. Basically each grade generally prepares you for the next with a little more challenge but not to the extent where you can t handle it. You sound super smart and intelligent, and high school should be moderately easy for you. Just study hard and work hard and everything should be fine. :) High school is not the issue if anything you should worry about college because that s when the real stuff happens. But you have plenty of time for that so dont worry so much. :) oh so just be prepared to read much more and more advanced, write alot, and do homework (and not the match the answer type of homework).

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    crazycat782 18 Jan 2017 08:28

    im going to high school very soon too!! (: im actually very excited. because i think ill meet a lot of new people and there would be more activities!