Nucor Building Systems - Custom Metal Buildings - Pre.

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    Crain's partnered with Best Companies Group, an independent research firm that dispatched surveys to more than 26,800 employees in New York City.

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    Well, it depends on what GPA you currently have and also your SAT/ACT scores. If your GPA is low, you did not do very well on the SAT/ACT - then you can try community college. Community college will accept you. Then you can improve and get a good GPA. Then you can transfer into a 4 years University if necessary. Community college - 2 years degree and save a lot of money on tuition. College is not for everyone - just to let you know. Some students decided to just go to like a bakery program, technical programs. You do not necessarily have to join clubs in HS. I did not really join any clubs at all when I was in HS, however - I did some volunteering. But it was one time thing. Things to write on college application essays when given choices - you can write about yourself, why you want to go to that specific college/University, or pick one of the essay topic the college provided. Sometimes, college/University are really interested in why students really want to go to their school.

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    Man you did really bad. try going to one of their Community Colleges first. I dont think they will accept you at the four-year colleges now. They have something that if you graduate from one of their CC s with a certain GPA you are guaranteed admission to any of their other colleges, I believe. Ask about that.

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    its a free school so definitely not a lot of money. ok grades are enough. i remember getting in last year and my gpa was only 3.4. i took only one ap class in h.s. so i still got in. its a good school though.