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    If you are going to write on this subject, you should do so without quoting any non-English words. Admissions readers usually do not like to see non-English words as they have to look them up or rely on the writer s translation. I work at the equivalent of the professional level in critiquing student essays and I am confident that it is never a good idea to include a joke anywhere in the essay. You do not know if the reader will find the joke funny and, although jokes are an appropriate way to begin a speech, they are never appropriate in academic writing unless it is an advanced anthropological or literary paper about jokes. Now that I am retired from my profession which required frequent perfect concise writing, I critique several admissions essays each week as community service. If you would like me to critique yours, please send me an email in which you request my very easy instructions for sending it to me in the email format which I use for this purpose. Do not send the essay with your first email.

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    1) Your name really has nothing to do with your personal characteristics in terms of what makes you unique. Your name is simply something you happened to get through accident of history. I could see it working as a neat frame for your essay, but not an overall theme. I guess I would need to know the context in order to give you precise feedback, but really, I wouldn t put a lot of emphasis on your name s Facebook popularity. Surely there is something more unique about you. :) 2) You don t want your essay to have a joking tone *or* be a sob story. Showing your personality and mentioning your challenges is fine, but overloading on either is a terrible idea. No, they don t need to be the most formal writing in the world (nor should they be), but it s still something to take seriously. Essays I ve read that have gone too far one way or the other have always failed miserably. But don t feel that you need to be very formal in it, and if you can work in smart, tasteful wit, go for it.

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    If there is not a more specific prompt, the best college essays discuss what you can contribute to the college and give examples from your high school experience to show that your claim is credible. An example would be establishing a new club or reinvigorating an existing club. Those are just examples. Many more experiences would also qualify. Making yourself sound like a victim ironically works only for Harvard and UC Berkeley as their admission offices are full of bleeding-heart liberals, but you still need to have a qualifying academic record.