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    For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/awDSp This sentence is hard to follow: "The main assumption is that the author assumes a false generalisation that because the station recieved many complaints concerning weather and local news,most of the people want less time for national news." "There is absolutely no evidence about the nature of the complaints recieved." - I don t understand. Are you saying the author is lying when he said most of the complaints are about weather and local news coverage? It s true that there s no evidence that they re about a lack of coverage, but it s clearly stated that they have something to do with weather and local coverage. So there is evidence about the nature of the complaints, it s just not specific enough to draw the conclusions of the author. You contradict yourself a little in the end of your second argument. You say "companies might have preferred another station and hence might have given the contracts to them because of their greater popularity" - If other stations have become more popular, that would indicate that the author s assumption is in fact correct and the station is losing viewers, or at least not gaining them at the same rate as other stations. You say "The author also assumes that more viewers would be attracted if the time for national news is increased" - No, that s the opposite of what the author is saying. "It wouls also be cogent to assume that other stations have increased their coverage of local news and viwers have tuned to them,then increased coverage for national news would make them unique." - You re harping on the author for making assumptions without evidence, now you re doing the same thing as a counterargument? I d give it a 2.5. Using the GRE s scoring guidelines, it "does not develop ideas, or is poorly organized and illogical" and "has problems in language and sentence structure that result in a lack of clarity"

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    - Between 1890 and 1950, local Irish and Italian Catholics were to Manorites what Jacob Reis "Other Half" and O Henry s "Four Million" were to the city s elite society summarily, the unwashed, lower caste of Brooklyn. In Prospect-Lefferts-Gardens, Irish Catholics were originally sequestered on the eastern side of Rogers Avenue, the western boundary of the Lefferts Manor, which is symbolically the "other side of the tracks." All American large cities and small towns have equivalent physical boundaries to signify social distances between classes and ethnic groups On the "other side of the tracks" (Rogers Avenue) we find the Roman Catholic church, St. Francis, which was originally dominated by Irish parishioners, as it is today by Black West Indians. Another Roman Catholic Church, St. Blaise, had been built earlier and further eastward to serve Wingate, a working-class Italian section. Italians would travel several blocks for services at a church with Italian clergy, even though some of them may have lived closer to St. Francis. Italians who lived in Wingate in the early days of its history recall that it was referred to as "Pig Town." The name, they say, was given to the area because of the small farms operating there, some of which had pigs and other animals. Until 1970, there remained a poultry processing plant in Wingate. The section is still zoned for light industrial activity and contains a few scrap yards, as well as a mixture of plumbing, auto supply and service shops, and other manual trade establishments. It is therefore a "mixed use" community, typical of many working-class or blue-collar ethnic neighborhoods in the city. Wingate at present is a low-density area with an interesting mix of a small number of Italian and many black homeowners and renters. The historical antipathy between Irish and Italian Catholics in the neighborhood is recounted by people in terms of the hostility expressed towards Italians at St. Francis church. Italian adults were not welcome at services and Italian children experienced many difficulties if they were fortunate enough to be admitted to the parochial grade school. Competition between lower caste ethnic groups has always been common to city life. Today, new low caste ethnics -- Blacks, Hispanics and Asians -- frequently battle over control of local institutions, influence in government social service programs, as well as the traditional power over local "turf." The situation at St. Francis changed later as the Irish middle class was one of the first groups to begin moving out of the area about 1950. This exodus created financial problems for the parish and resulted in a warmer reception to local Italians. But Italians who attended St. Francis s grammar school in the 1950s remember still being mistreated by students and "religious" teachers alike. The acceptance of Italians was only a grudging acceptance. The reason why parents sent their children to private and parochial schools in those years is the same as the reason given today: to keep their children safe from the lower-class children who attend public schools. The persistence of the "Pig Town" label for the Italian community was demonstrated in 1978 as I spoke to a college student who once lived in Prospect-Lefferts-Gardens. Speaking of research on his ex-community, I asked if he knew one of the persons interviewed who was Italian. The student who was Irish responded, "Oh no. He must have lived in Pig Town." The Irish Catholic section of the area was more residentially and commercially developed than that of the Italians. In the Irish sector there were more apartment houses, stores and more substantial one- and two-family homes. It was also a "better" place because it had no vacant lots, scrap yards or shacks such as those that could be found in Wingate. Still the Irish part of the community was merely a lower-class enclave. It was literally nearer to the Lefferts Manor, but figuratively many miles away. Even today there are few Manorites who are familiar with the streets or people who passed their eastern borders.

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    View the basic MU stock chart on Yahoo Finance. Change the date range, chart type and compare Micron Technology, Inc. against other companies.