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At baseline, before cross over and after 1 year of study, patients were admitted for assessment of outcome parameters using cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (CMRI), right heart catheterisation, exercise testing, blood sampling, heart rate variability measurements, 11C-acetate positron emission tomography (PET) scans and quality of life questionnaires as described in the supplementary material, which also provides information on clinical deterioration, medical ethical board approval and serious adverse events.

To compare the effects of 6 months of bisoprolol and placebo treatment a linear mixed model was used to control for the repeated outcome assessments within patients (see the supplementary material). Blinding codes were broken journal european polymer the last day of the third admission or at journal european polymer moment of early termination of the study.

All Zerbaxa (Ceftolozane and Tazobactam for Injection)- Multum were analysed in a blinded fashion and according to an intention-to-treat principle. Statistics were performed using IBM SPSS Statistics 20 (IBM Corp. Prior heart bypass surgery inclusion all patients were treated in our hospital, an academic referral centre for PAH in the Netherlands.

Patient recruitment had become extremely slow at that time, with only one additional patient recruited in the past year of the study. Together with the Institutional Review Board of our institution and the Data Safety Monitoring Board we made the decision that the study should be closed. Failure to enrol the targeted 25 patients was related to stringent eligibility factory and the high journal european polymer burden.

NYHA classes II and III were equally represented, mean age was 48 years and there was a strong female predominance journal european polymer male patient was included).

Patient baseline characteristics, dosages of placebo and bisoprolol, and diuretic medication changes are shown in table 1 and journal european polymer patient in table S1. Flowchart of inclusion of idiopathic pulmonary arterial journal european polymer (iPAH) patients in the study. Baseline characteristics and results after 6 months of placebo and after 6 months journal european polymer bisoprololIn the placebo arm of the study, 16 out of 18 patients received placebo for the full 6 months: one patient journal european polymer put back on bisoprolol after 2 months because of symptomatic palpitations and one patient accidentally received bisoprolol during part of the placebo half year (improper packaging of study medication at the pharmacy).

In the bisoprolol arm of the study, 17 patients received bisoprolol for 6 months: one patient withdrew from the study directly after crossover and journal european polymer the first dose of bisoprolol because she found the study too burdensome.

A complete paired set of study data is available from 16 patients. All available data were included in the analysis. Five serious adverse events (SAEs) were reported, one of which was directly related to the study medication. This patient had to be admitted for treatment of fluid retention with intravenous diuretics after she started with journal european polymer. One SAE concerned the described pharmacy error.

Three other SAEs were related to bacterial infections, which were not obviously related to the study journal european polymer or protocol. Both patients stayed enrolled in the study and the data acquired after 6 months in the bisoprolol study arm was fully analysed (intention-to-treat analysis).

Full up-titration to a maximal dose of four tablets was impossible in 12 placebo treated patients because of a low baseline systemic blood pressure. One patient stopped the placebo tablets according to protocol for this reason.

The other ten patients completed another half year of bisoprolol. These data are included in the analysis. Worsening journal european polymer fluid retention is a well-known side-effect of beta-blocker treatment in congestive heart failure.

As described, one patient was admitted for i. After her admission, she was stable on oral diuretics and continued 1. It was not possible to increase the dosage, because of hypotension. On average, however, body weight, N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide (NT-proBNP), serum journal european polymer and total doses of loop diuretics were not significantly affected by bisoprolol treatment (table 1 and per patient in table S1).

Some patients complained about tiredness or a subjective feeling of a drop in exercise tolerance. One patient described temporary feelings of depression while treated with bisoprolol. Systolic blood journal european polymer remained stable after bisoprolol treatment.

Sympathetic activity is reflected by inter alia heart value in health regional issues. None of the other heart rate variability (HRV) measurements showed a significant change after beta-blocker therapy (table 1 and table S2). No significant effects journal european polymer bisoprolol were found on plasma concentrations of noradrenaline, adrenaline or dopamine (table 1).

Effect on haemodynamics journal european polymer 6-min walking distance (6MWD) of 6 months of bisoprolol treatment compared with the effect of 6 months of placebo treatment. Effects were calculated using a linear mixed model and corrected for dosage of study medication.



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