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Info more are a few of the things that go into creating the perfect construction blueprint for your commercial building info more. Discussing What Your Building Needs and Wants Are Before a professional can begin to create a blueprint or layout for your commercial construction info more, they must sit down with you and talk about your project. Creating the Basic Layout After meeting with you and getting a feel for the size and scope of your project, a professional will begin to create the construction blueprint.

Adding in Walls, Doors, and Windows Once the most basic layout for your building is created, the next thing info more will happen is that walls, doors, windows, elevators, and stairways will be added to the blueprint. Adding Architectural Features At this point in time, architectural features and design elements will be added to the blueprint. Creating a Three Dimensional Model Many designers are taking their blueprints and turning them into a three-dimensional model.

Having the Work Approved By a Structural Engineer Once you are satisfied with the blueprints, the info more step to creating the perfect construction blueprint is to have the blueprints approved by a structural engineer.

PJSC Kyiv Cardboard and Info more Mill is one of the biggest enterprises in Info more on cardboard and paper production, is part of info more Austrian Pulp Mill Holding.

The main raw material used for cardboard and paper production is recycled paper. Waste paper processing capacity is more than curb 65 tons per day. The Mill is located in Obukhiv city in Kiev region and covers an area of about 99 hectares, number of employees is about 2200 people. Products of leading Ukrainian brands and transnational companies are packed into corrugated cardboard packaging of Kyiv CPM.

Cardboard, produced by the Mill, is used for manufacturing of consumer packaging and printed goods. High-quality tissue paper is appreciated by many manufacturers of products for sanitary and household goods, and tissue products under the brand Divo, MyLova, Soffione became popular along with a well-known brand of toilet paper Obukhiv 65.

Many years of experience and a desire to meet amio requirements of our customers enable us to keep the leadership positions. For info more purpose we are constantly in the process of improvement: we are modernizing the equipment and technologies to improve the info more of our products, monitoring and implementing new trends in the market to meet the needs of every customer.

For more than 30 years of our activity Kyiv CPM has proved itself as a reliable and stable supplier, which always meets its obligations in due time. READ MORE TISSUE PRODUCTSToilet tissue Paper towels NapkinsREAD MORE About the Mill PJSC Kyiv Cardboard and Paper Mill is one of the biggest enterprises in Europe on cardboard and paper production, is part of the Austrian Pulp Mill Holding. Read More 2500 28 28 148 Products Corrugated board Cardboard Tissue Recycled Paper PurchaseRecycled Paper PurchaseKyiv CPM buys and recycles paper.

Arricano Real Estate Plc, being a public company limited by shares, is headed by the Board of Directors. Composition of the Board of Directors is set out in the company's Articles of Association and info more facilitated by the shareholders of the company in accordance with applicable laws, requirements and best corporate governance practices.

The Board comprises of three independent and two non-independent non-executive Directors and one executive Director. The Directors report to the shareholders about the performance of the Group, its achievements and plans. The Directors may be appointed and dismissed by the shareholders of the company, all in info more with the provisions of the Articles of Association. The Company has assembled info more strong Board comprised of individuals who together have relevant sector experience as well as prior experience on boards of publicly listed companies.

The Board comprises of six Directors details of whom, together with details of the relevant sub-committees can be found here. The Board has established an audit info more with formally delegated duties and responsibilities, comprising at least two independent non-executive Directors. The audit committee meets at least twice a year and is responsible for ensuring that the financial performance of the Company is properly reported and monitored, including reviews of the annual and interim accounts, announcement of results, internal control systems and procedures, and accounting policies.

The Board has also established a remuneration committee with formally delegated duties and responsibilities, comprising at least info more Independent Non-executive Directors. The remuneration committee info more meets info more least twice roche action year and is responsible for setting the remuneration policy for the executives of the Company.

Chief Executive Officer, being the Executive Member of the Board, forms the Management Board, which consists of managers responsible for the activity of the Group in respective spheres. The Group has developed, and continues Metadate ER (Methylphenidate Hydrochloride Extended Release Tablet)- FDA refine, a management structure info more is focused on enhancing accountability and decision making processes.

The team consists of local Ukrainian and international managers, all with significant experience and familiarity with Ukrainian and international real estate markets. Volodymyr Tymochko is a Managing Director of Private Equity, and a Partner at Dragon Capital. Prior to joining Dragon AM Volodymyr was an Associate Director for Consulting and Investment Services at Colliers International.

Volodymyr graduated from the National Info more of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and holds an MA degree in Economic Theory. Juri Pold as a construction and development professional has more than 20 years of experience working for European companies and respectively the best practices and best European approaches to construction of civil (non-residential) projects. Juri graduated from the Estonian Agricultural Info more as a civil engineer in 1991.

Mr Pold started his professional career in 1990 as project manager. In 1997 Juri joined Skanska, a oxervate leading project development and construction group based in Sweden. Among the main achievements of Juri in Skanska was development of several infrastructural nationwide projects in Finland and Estonia.



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