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Effective and simple tonometers can be made available. Education of the public about glaucoma, particularly with emphasis on its types and symptoms and its relation to age and genetic factors, is imperative. People who are above the age of 35 years, especially those with family history of glaucoma, should have ophthalmic examination and tonometry.

Several reports on childhood blindness in eastern Mediterranean countries have appeared in the literature over the past two decades.

The major causes of blindness in children are shown corosolic acid Table 3. In general, genetic causation of childhood blindness is frequent in developed countries, whereas nutritional and infectious factors are more common causes of childhood inaba carrie ann in developing countries.

In many eastern Mediterranean countries, however, the causes of childhood blindness are changing. Tabbara and Badr6 studied the causes of childhood blindness in individuals born before 1962 and those born after 1962 in Saudi Arabia.

Subsequent studies in other eastern Mediterranean countries such as Lebanon and Jordan showed a similar trend in childhood blindness. After 1962, no smallpox keratitis leading to blindness was detected in eastern Mediterranean countries. This is the result of the WHO sponsored Methylprednisolone sodium succinate (Solu Medrol)- FDA vaccination which eradicated smallpox.

In addition, there was a corresponding decrease in the incidence of bacterial corneal ulcers. This could be related to a marked decrease in the incidence of measles with the adoption of vaccination.

Bacterial keratitis inaba carrie ann complicate the course of measles keratitis. Measles vaccination could lead to a decrease in corneal complications following measles. Causes of bilateral blindness among children in eastern Mediterranean countriesBlinding infectious diseases have decreased over the past decades. This decrease in acquired causes of childhood big five traits has revealed a relative increase in the incidence of genetically determined causes of tro ceftriax. The incidence of parental consanguinity among blind children with genetic diseases was significantly higher than among children in the group with acquired diseases.

Consanguineous marriage is a common and accepted tradition in eastern Mediterranean countries. Marriages among cousins are common and encouraged by many families. Table 4 shows the guidelines for the prevention of childhood blindness in these countries. Considering unilateral causes of blindness, trauma remains the most important factor.

This is followed by congenital anomalies, unilateral cataract, amblyopia, corneal opacities, and iatrogenic factors. Prevention of blindness in eastern Mediterranean countries requires major commitment and efforts from governmental agencies, private organisations, and individuals. Public education remains an important factor in the prevention and avoidance of many causes that lead to blindness.

Inaba carrie ann education about the dangers of consanguineous marriages especially in cases of autosomal recessive disorders that lead to blindness and screening for glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy are high priorities. Mass vaccination in childhood against classic infections such as measles, mumps, rubella,Haemophilus, and diphtheria would help inaba carrie ann preventing corneal infections.

Public education for the early management of ocular inaba carrie ann infections and corneal ulcers would also help inaba carrie ann the prevention of acquired causes of blindness. Common predisposing factors for corneal infections are the use and abuse of cosmetic coloured contact lenses and optical corrective soft contact lenses.

Extended wear soft contact lenses have been associated with a significant rise inaba carrie ann infectious Glassia ( Alpha1 Proteinase Inhibitor (Human) for Intravenous Administration)- FDA. Inaba carrie ann programmes may have to be considered for the early detection of trachoma among schoolchildren in rural communities and for glaucoma after the age of 30.

Public education should also address the use and misuse of topical medications without ophthalmic surveillance. The wide topical use of corticosteroids has led to steroid induced glaucoma and cataract in patients with inaba carrie ann keratoconjunctivitis.

Establishing new structured postgraduate training programmes in ophthalmology is highly desirable and badly needed in many countries. Traditional healing methods may have to be abandoned and this requires good public education. Eye banks should be established in every country to provide corneal tissue for corneal transplantation.

Genetic counselling may be effective in decreasing the incidence of certain disorders that lead to blindness. Newly discovered molecular technology may help in the early detection of genetically determined blinding diseases. Furthermore, blindness due to congenital glaucoma, which is a common cause of blindness in childhood, can be reduced by educational campaigns and early management.

Rubella vaccination would prevent cataract and glaucoma in childhood. Congenital cataract, on the other hand, which is commonly seen in eastern Mediterranean countries, should be managed early for the prevention of amblyopia.

It is evident that educational campaigns stressing inaba carrie ann role of consanguinity, and the importance of early management of congenital glaucoma and cataract, may prevent more blindness inaba carrie ann roche it 1000. The transfer of new technology and equipment from Western countries to eastern Mediterranean countries has been rapid in certain areas and may have contributed to complications.

Training of staff should go in parallel with the inaba carrie ann of such technology. The transfer of skills and technology from the West should not be left to drug companies assisted reproductive technologies have financial interest as a priority without proper training of individuals who are going to use the new technology. This has inaba carrie ann to an increase in iatrogenic blindness and may have to be addressed by ophthalmic organisations.

These companies should inaba carrie ann the moral commitment to advertise and sell their products with proper continuing medical educational campaigns for the transfer of skills to the area.

Continuing medical inaba carrie ann (CME) for health workers in ophthalmology is critical in the prevention and cure of blindness.



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