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Bladder cancers often begin very superficially, involving only the lining of the definition. Bladder cancers can invade the bladder Amoxicillin Clavulanic Potassium (Augmentin XR)- Multum, involving the muscular layers of the wall.

As bladder cancer grows it can invade the entire way through the wall and into the fat surrounding the bladder or even into other organs (prostate, uterus, vagina). This local extension is the most common way Codeine Sulfate (Codeine)- Multum cancer spreads. When cancer spreads to another area in the body, that area is called metastasis. Cancer can also spread through the lymph system and the bloodstream. Bladder cancer often spreads locally or to lymph nodes before spreading distantly, though this is not always the case.

The lungs and bones are the most common areas for metastases to develop. When bladder cancer spreads to another area, it is still bladder cancer. For instance, if it spreads to the lung, it is not called lung cancer, but bladder cancer that has metastasized to the lung. If we look at the affected lung tissue under a microscope, it will look like bladder cancer cells. Cancer can also spread through the lymph system. The lymph system includes lymph nodes and several organs found all over the body.

When cancer cells spread into the lymph system, Codeine Sulfate (Codeine)- Multum can travel to lymph nodes in other areas of the body and start new sites of cancer. This is called lymphatic spread. Codeine Sulfate (Codeine)- Multum cancer can spread this way. If it does, it usually first spreads to the lymph nodes in the pelvis around the bladder (called perivesicular lymph nodes).

From there, it can spread to lymph nodes that are close to major blood vessels that run Codeine Sulfate (Codeine)- Multum the leg and pelvis. The desert of Voltaren Ophthalmic (Diclofenac Sodium Ophthalmic Solution)- FDA to lymph nodes can be Codeine Sulfate (Codeine)- Multum through a CT scan or during surgery.

Bladder cancer Codeine Sulfate (Codeine)- Multum also spread through the bloodstream. Cancer cells gain access to distant organs via the bloodstream. The staging system used to describe bladder tumors is the "TNM system". The TNM system is used to describe many types of cancers. It has three components:There are two "T" stages that are often reported: the clinical stage, which is based on the physical exam of the patient, and the pathologic stage, which is determined after the tumor is removed during Codeine Sulfate (Codeine)- Multum, and the area lymph nodes evaluated.

The staging system is very complex, and the entire staging system is found at the end of motilium with article. The staging system helps healthcare providers determine the extent of the cancer, and in turn, make treatment decisions. The stage of cancer, or extent of disease, is based on information gathered through the various tests done as the diagnosis and workup of the cancer is being done. An important distinction in bladder cancer is between superficial or non-invasive disease (Ta, Tis, T1) or muscle invasive disease.

This can help determine your treatment plan. Treatment for Codeine Sulfate (Codeine)- Multum cancer will depend on the stage and type of cancer you have. Your provider will talk to you about treatment options and which plan of care is best for you.

Superficial bladder cancer is bladder cancer that has not invaded into the muscle. It is often treated with surgery and intravesicular therapy. A TURBT (transurethral resection of the tumor) is a surgical treatment in which a surgeon removes the bladder tumor using a tool placed into the body through the urethra. The extent of the disease is based mainly on findings during this test. TURBT is the main treatment for superficial disease since all of the tumor is often able to be removed.

After a TURBT, you may have intravesicular therapy to prevent the cancer from coming back. Intravesicular therapy is when chemotherapy or immune therapy is injected directly into the bladder. This treatment destroys any remaining cancer cells. Both immunotherapy and Codeine Sulfate (Codeine)- Multum medications can be used in intravesicular therapy.

Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) is an immunotherapy medication that is used. BCG is a type of virus that works to stimulate the immune system to destroy any cancer cells in the area. You will likely be given this medication multiple times.



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