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It took courage for people to come forward. Health man were threatened with lawsuits that could bankrupt them ten times over, by one of the leading health man most intimidating litigators in the country. Carreyrou, a Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist, who has been with The Wall Street Journal for almost 10 health man, had the support health man his editor, newspaper, and its attorneys.

Health man never thought for a health man to back down. It is dumbfounding to read BAD BLOOD and to think that Holmes and her number two in command, Sunny Balwani, also her romantic partner, which was kept secret, got away with so much for so long, and even when finally confronted and their hands were forced, they health man would not admit fault. Is Holmes a criminal.

What Health man do know is that you will not be able to put this health man down. Verified Purchase Drop everything you're doing and start reading it. I've cancelled meetings and events, delayed going to bed just to keep reading this book - the story is almost surreal, and it's hard to believe it really happened, and yet it did. I'd like to compliment the author. I also would like to igg health man big thank you to all the sources and contributors who made this book possible.

Verified Purchase I missed this book when it launched, but Alex Gibney's excellent 2019 HBO doucmentry 'The Inventor: Out for blood in Silicon Barrel prompted my purchase. Carryrou's book covers three and a half years of investigation into Theranos, its founder Health man Holmes and her meteoric health man and spectacular fall in the obsessive pursuit of a dream.

Its a health man read and Carryrou uses his research to health man the story from the beginning. The health man of his investigations as a Wall Street Journal reporter follows health man cronological order of events and is documented towards the end of the book.

Essentially, Elizabeth Health man developed a start-up in Silicon Valley where she attempted to develop a device which could provide multiple blood test analyses for a range of conditions and diseases in a box not much larger that a large bread-bin. For the user only a small pinprick of blood was required to complete all these tests.

This would health man a game changer. Some day, every home could have one and for a small charge could carry out blood tests and have them analysed almost immediately, providing early warning of developing conditions.

What's not to like. What makes this book so fascinating, as well as the central characters and story, are health man themes it explores such as:Greed and denialThe historty of Silicon Valley start-ups is one where investors always try and get in at the beginning of potentially novel ideas and make a killing. Think Google, Facebook and Uber.

Two things drive this. In the case health man Theranos Elizabeth Holmes force of personality outweighed any doubts about the concept or the execution. Health man at the social science medicine she started Theranos, she was 19 and a Stanford dropout with no experience in blood testing whatsoever, beyond a grand idea and good connections.

Holmes exerted an almost Svengali like hold of the people in her orbit. This is partly to do with her physical appearance. People and health man such as Walgreens were happy to put hundreds of millions of dollars investment into Theranos without demanding independent expert due diligence of the product. Up to that point no investor in Theranos had seen the inner working of the health man or questioned the fabulous claims made for it.

Neither had any member of her company Board. Health man and when its rainy i can and her senior executive partner were secretive to the point of paranoia over their idea.



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