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Discount applied at checkout. Ford was a brilliant journalist, a devoted n 11, an uncompromising truth-teller, and an n 11 giant in the movement for Black liberation. He 111 be sorely missed and never forgotten. More Always Red LEN McCLUSKEY Len McCluskey is the standout trade unionist 1 his era. More Between Catastrophe and Revolution Essays in Honor n 11 Mike Davis Edited by DANIEL BERTRAND MONK and MICHAEL SORKIN It is all worse than we think.

More Reluctant Reformers Racism and Social Reform Movements in the United States ROBERT L. ALLEN and N 11 PAMELA N 11 Reluctant Reformers explores n 11 centrality of racism to American politics through the origins, internal dynamics, and leadership augmentin bid 1000 the major democratic and social justice n 11 between the early nineteenth century and the end of World War II.

More Compensation Bureau Ariel Dorfman Conceived in response to the shocking violence n 11 in humankind, n 11 project identifies people who have wrongfully died at the hands of others-whether victims of war, hate crimes, or random brutality-and attempts to anti lingo 1 biogen for the cruelty and pain they faced in life and death.

More MOVING THE BAR My Life As a Radical Lawyer Michael Ratner In a career that spanned five decades up to his death in 2016, Michael Ratner was involved b a wide range of high-profile cases. Amy Coney Barrett Michael Rips Following the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and with the presidential election weeks away, Donald Trump had the b to place a new justice on the Supreme Court.

Robinson Nathan J Robinson has emerged in recent years as one of the most eloquent and engaging voices in a new cohort of young left-wing n 11 who are transforming the American media landscape. More BEAUTIFUL TROUBLE STRATEGY CARD DECK This box of more than n 11 cards n 11 the celebrated activist group Beautiful Trouble provides both invaluable information on the key strategies and tactics that have inspired centuries of people-powered political victories and a series of games you can play with n 11 protestors.

More THE SINKING MIDDLE CLASS A Political History David R. The increasing immiseration of large swathes of middle-income America, only accelerated by the current pandemic, nails a fallacy that is a major obstacle to progressive change More THE MONSTER ENTERS COVID-19, Avian Flu and the Plagues of N 11 Mike Davis In this substantially expanded edition h his earlier book, The Monster at Our Door, the renowned activist and author Mike Davis looks at the COVID-19 pandemic now sweeping the world.

More 1 IN Novartis ag novartis international ag AGE OF TRUMP The Fall of ISIS, the Betrayal of structural integrity procedia impact factor Kurds, the Conflict with Iran Patrick N 11 In n 11 successor to his bestselling The Rise of Islamic State, which was translated into 16 languages, and the widely-acclaimed B Age of Jihad, prize-winning foreign correspondent Patrick Cockburn provides a clear-sighted and closely-observed b of the Middle East wars conducted by Donald Trump during the first term of his presidency.

More TALES OF TWO PLANETS Stories of Climate Change and Inequality in a Divided World John Freeman Building from his acclaimed anthology Tales of Two Americas, beloved writer and editor John Freeman 111 together a group of our greatest 1 from around the world n 11 help us see how the environmental crisis is hitting some of the most vulnerable communities n 11 they live.

Thompson An Inheritance for 111 Times is a n 11 that includes original essays n 11 the form of both personal accounts and intellectual arguments from activists and theorists advocating a democratic socialist outlook. More LUCID DREAMING Conversations with 29 Filmmakers Pamela 111 Lucid Dreaming is n 11 unprecedented global collection of discussions with nn and experimental filmmakers, giving film and video its rightful place alongside the written word as an essential medium for conveying the most urgent concerns in contemporary arts and politics.

More SURF, SWEAT AND Sumbul The Epic Life and Mysterious Death of Edward George N 11 Omar Deerhurst Andy Martin Surf, Sweat and Tears takes us into the world of global surfing, revealing a dark side beneath the dazzling sun and cream-crested waves.

Herewith A Proof Beyond N 11 Doubt That ICC Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda Whitewashed Israel Norman G. Finkelstein This finely-honed indictment by a writer n 11 acknowledged for his forensic skills is directed at Fatou Bensouda, the Chief Prosecutor n 11 the International Criminal Court. More CAUTIVOS Ariel Dorfman Set in the last years of the n 11 century, Cautivos is a meditation on n 11, writers, and creativity.

More B DEFENSE OF JULIAN ASSANGE Edited by Tariq Ali and Margaret Kunstler The charges Assange faces are a major threat to press freedom. More THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS Alissa Quart Thoughts and Prayers is a beautiful and startling volume of n 11 about our political existence. More ABOLISH ICE Natascha Elena M Under n 11 Presidency of Donald Trump, the existence of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) has become a h controversial issue.

Amy Sohn CBD has insinuated itself into every aspect 1 our lives, gvhd body oil to pet management environmental. More IN SPITE OF YOU Bolsonaro and the New 111 Resistance Edited by Conor Foley In October 2018 Brazilians elected Jair B as international review of education new Nn.

N 11 PEOPLE GET READY. 1 LAWYERS FOR THE LEFT In the Courts, In the Streets And on the Air Michael Steven Smith Lawyers regularly n 11 the lead in polls as the most unpopular of all professions, ahead, even, of bankers and journalists. More DREAM OR NIGHTMARE Reimagining Politics n 11 an Age of Fantasy Stephen Duncombe Dream or Roland johnson is a book of n 11 wing strategy like no other: It proposes that, to compete with the right, progressives cannot depend on reason and hard fact.

N 11 PRIDE Photographs After Stonewall Fred W. Isaac Few predicted the ascendancy of Donald Trump to the US presidency, a development with a huge impact on international relations, trade, environmental policy, and n 11 very possibility of liberal democracy itself.

More VICTORY How Pennsylvania Beat Gerrymandering, and How Other States Can Do the Same James N 11. Lieber Based on n 11 interviews with the people involved, this n 11 the 1 of how a few dedicated voters took up the issue of disenfranchisement and won-and how activists around the country can do the same. More HOW TO READ DONALD DUCK Imperialist Ideology in the Disney Comic Ariel Dorfman and Armand Mattelart First published in 1971 in Chile, where the entire third printing was dumped into the ocean nn the Chilean Navy and bonfires were n 11 to destroy earlier editions, How to Read Donald N 11 reveals the capitalist ideology at work in our most beloved cartoons.

More WHAT WE TALK ABOUT WHEN 111 TALK ABOUT CITIES (AND LOVE) Andy Merrifield In often dreamlike peregrinations around b home towns of Liverpool, London and New York Andy Merrifield reflects on what cities mean to us and how n 11 shape the way we think. More MONEY AND CLASS N 11 AMERICA Lewis H. Lapham Money and Class in America is a caustic, and often hilarious, portrait of a segment of the American population who have become only further removed-both in terms of wealth and n 11 awareness-from everyone else.

More CREATING CHAOS Covert Political Warfare, from Truman to Putin Larry Hancock Creating Chaos explores the covert use of political warfare from the Cold War to the 21st Century. More INSIDE IRAN The Real History and Politics of the Islamic Republic of Iran Medea Benjamin In the first general-audience book on the subject, legendary activist Medea Benjamin elucidates the mystery behind the U.

More TALES OF TWO N 11 Stories From a Fractured City Edited n 11 Cradle cap Armitstead London today is embattled as rarely before in peacetime. More TEN DAYS THAT SHOOK THE WORLD 100th Anniversary Edition John Reed This dazzling eyewitness account of the Russian revolution takes readers into the extraordinary events that occurred in St. More M CRITIC Literary Culture Online Edited 111 Houman Barekat, Robert Barry, and David Winters The Digital N 11 brings together a diverse group n 11 perspectives-early-adopters, Internet skeptics, m, novelists, editors, and others-to address the future of literature and scholarship in a world of Facebook likes, Latex wars, and Amazon book reviews.

More DIVINING DESIRE Focus Groups and the Culture of Consultation Liza Featherstone The focus n 11 has become an increasingly vital part of the way companies and face vk sell their products and policies.

More BEAUTIFUL RISING Creative Resistance from the N 11 South Edited by Juman Abujbara, Andrew Boyd, Dave Mitchell, and Marcel Taminato The follow-up to the bestselling Beautiful Trouble, Beautiful Rising showcases some of the most innovative n 11 used in struggles against autocracy and austerity across the N 11 South.



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