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Using microfibre technology, this clever Microfibre Venetian Blind Brush is ideal journal quaternary science ensuring journal quaternary science blinds are kept in pristine condition with minimum effort.

It can be used dry to dust blinds, or wet to clean them, giving you extra versatility. Coming with five machine-washable sleeves, this handy brush is an essential for keeping your blinds in the best possible condition. Scrappy Universal Garbage Disposal Brush, Sturdy Grip Handle, 11-Inches 1,970.

I live in Arizona and the blinds get w 23 hardened, laminated dust so they are tough to clean. Found a five step way to make them look like new - 1) make a pass with the vacuum to remove loose dirt 2) soak one of the microfiber sleeves with Windex and make a pass (rinse and renew often cause it gets nasty) 3) let them dry 4) soak another of the sleeves journal quaternary science Pledge furniture polish and make a pass 5) use a clean and dry sleeve to make a polishing pass.

You can renew the string pulls with a squirt of Clorox cleaner with bleach. Read more 345 people found this helpful Helpful Report abuse Sandy D5. A product that works on all types of blinds. Reviewed in the United States on July 23, 2019Color: BlueVerified Purchase I love this product!. I am a housekeeper for several private homes. My least favorite job. I have used about every method there is, but the journal quaternary science is still very time consuming.

The main reason it takes so long is you must clean each and every slat separately to do the job right. With journal quaternary science product you can clean two slats at once and it cleans them the first swipe. The micro fiber is the key to getting all the dust and the design of the product makes it super easy. PLUS this tool can be used on different types of blinds because it is flexible.

I have used it journal quaternary science wooden shutters, plastic vertical patio door blinds, and horizontal metal "mini" blinds. Additionally, the micro fiber "sleeve" that fits on the tool is washable and it comes with five of them journal quaternary science its a real value, being reusable and with so many to use it should last a long time before they all completely wear out.

This product deserves 10 stars. Read more 173 people found this helpful Helpful Report abuse Dennis4. Reviewed in the United States on July 18, 2018Color: BlueVerified Purchase Opened package, Assembled cleaner and did the blinds. Worked great, only thing that would improve the experience would be having some one come and do the job.

Read more 195 people found this helpful Helpful Report abuse Kelly5. Reviewed in the United States on November 7, 2018Color: BlueVerified Purchase These worked very well on my plantation type, wide wood blinds. By Kelly journal quaternary science November 7, journal quaternary science These worked very well on my plantation type, wide wood blinds.

I have struggled to keep my blinds clean for so many years, and happily found this item. And I love that it comes with extra sleeves, and the sleeves are machine washable. The handle work plastic, but I feel confident it won't break any time soon. Read more 67 people found this helpful Helpful Report abuse Chris K5. Were my blinds really that dirty.

Reviewed in the United States on February 10, 2018Color: BlueVerified Purchase We built in a new community and the construction dust journal quaternary science a constant battle. I've been using the swifter duster on my blinds, but it just didn't seem to do journal quaternary science great of a job. You would not believe the dust and dirt I got off my blinds. It takes a little longer to do the blinds, but they are much cleaner.



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